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Day Program Life Skill Activities

Our day program offers diverse activities according to participant interests, goals, strengths, abilities and needs. 

Everyone is able to participate at their own pace in a fun and safe environment.  Transitions Canada offers a place to learn and practice of skills through fun activities.

Some of our themes for activities are:

  • Do It Yourself! helps with daily independence, the basics of home management, safety and independence in the home, this includes cooking.
  • So You Want To...  helps participants gain skills that will help them in employment and further education as well as in their everyday life.
  • Let's Get Growing! allows the individual to learn more about themselves as well as develop and enhance personal management skills. 
  • Pick me! aims at enhancing social skills for greater participation in the community.
  • Be Fit! focuses on skills to improve the individuals physical, mental health and wellness. 

 We try to use age appropriate materials as much as skill levels allow.